Cyber Foundations & Quality Assurance Testing




Prerequisites: Advanced Computer Skills Certificate or equivalent work experience at a minimum Level 2 (advanced) level.

Take the plunge into the challenging, exciting world of cybersecurity with this six-week course. Intended to be an entry point for those interested in pursuing a career in cyberdefence, this course covers a broad selection of topics, including threat research, software development, and IT security operations. A major component of the program is practical technical training, and by completion, students will be able to identify and write basic scripts for automation and penetration testing. From the foundational studies of this course, students have the opportunity to specialize into one of three roles: Quality Assurance, Software Developer, and Penetration Tester. This course is also valued as a strong information base for those who are not necessarily in the cybersecurity field, but want or need an understanding of cyber defence for their own purposes.