Transitioning to Wellness & Resilience

Transitioning to Wellness and Resilience

Transitioning from one workspace or profession to another can be a challenging experience. This
two-week course will explore how to make this transition while considering a wholistic approach to

During the two weeks, the students will discuss how to incorporate past experiences and failures,
learn positive self-talk, and how to avoid gas-lighting themselves. In addition, students will learn
coping mechanisms including mediation techniques, Ayurveda systems, nutrition and exercises
that promote both mental and physical health.

Retrain is an amazing place to train and gain more knowledge. The instructors are very diligent in breaking down all of the course material in multiple ways so that you will always understand it. They take into account your daily busy lives and work with your schedule so that you are able to get the full learning experience. You feel like you are part of the Retrain family when taking a course here, they will take time outside of class hours to provide extra one on one learning opportunities if you require it. I thank you all Retrain team for the amazing experience I had during my course here.If you are looking to take a course and Retrain offers it, you should sign up here you will not be disappointed!

-Sean Kelly