About Us

We Are Dedicated to the advancement of The Canadian workforce in the digital marketplace

We specialize in mentor-led, live remote classroom training. We work with organizations that are looking to reskill or upskill their staff or clients for jobs that use technology. Completing our training creates a solid foundation for current and future success.
Our course offerings have been developed to provide career options that make use of the technical skills that employers are looking for. We consistently work with employers and industry leaders to develop and improve our materials.

High student engagement and rapidly developing competencies are hallmarks of our programs. We are one of the only corporate training organizations that measures success through testing. Student performance is assessed objectively via online exams, employer-evaluated projects, and third-party proctoring.

Career Development Certificate

Career Development Certificates

Enter the workforce with confidence through our industry-developed career certificate programs

Custom Courses

No requirements or subjects are too obscure, we can develop custom courses to meet any needs

Industry Developed Courses

Our programming is compiled with contemporary input from industry leaders, former students, and our mentors


Why Learn With Us?


Industry leading mentors

Create increased learner engagement 


Innovative course construction

High course density and engagement, improves retention


Increased on-the-job recall

A combination of mentor experience and real-world industry feedback grounds learners, permitting an organic awareness and recall of course material


Improved job productivity

Live feedback and hands-on training create learner confidence, improving productivity


Better future adaptability

Integrating technology into both the learning process and subject material creates familiarity and adaptability with regards to new technology 

ReTrain Canada Computer Training


What Our Students Say

“Took an Excel course in this company and I couldn’t be more happier with the service. The staff are very kind, replies fast to emails & calls, and provided me different options on the courses. I learned more than I expected in few hours. Thanks to Jarvis that made feel comfortable to asking questions and entertaining.”

Ibitsam Miiti

“This company cares about the people they help. They go the extra mile to ensure im a success. I work here now and can honestly say they help you find the right courses snd then help find a job!!! Great place to go for a future.” Stephen J

“Very good course to take very informative. the instructor made the course fun not boring like most computer stuff!!”

Brad Walton
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