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What Is The ReTrain Canada Cybersecurity Program?

Join the ranks of the world’s premier penetration testers

Cybersecurity is only as good as its testing. That is why ReTrain Canada has developed a high-caliber course to train professionals in the processes and techniques modern cyber attackers use. ReTrain Canada is proud to offer the training and skills necessary to start a career in cybersecurity.

Applicants will receive industry-leading instruction in penetration testing, and will practice analyzing, correcting, modifying, porting, and cross-compiling code for public exploits. Students will conduct remote and client-side attacks through various established and novel techniques.


Active Scanning

Learn how to probe a target’s system for open ports and vulnerabilities.


Intelligence Gathering

Explore how information leaks online, and how it can be used to create attack vectors.


Lateral Movement

If a target system gives you an inch, learn how to take a mile, by using exploits to elevate your system privileges.


Code Injection

Explore and exploit vulnerabilities in submission forms to inject code into databases and exfiltrate data.


Brute Force Attacks

Learn how to mount an effective brute force attack against password and login credentials.


Evade Defences

Learn how to defeat common network defences and circumvent authentication measures.

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