The ReTrain Canada Team

Jeannine Adams Retrain Canada

Jeannine Adams, CEO

Jeannine understands the learning and employment challenges people face across Canada. Her vision is that all Canadians have access to the skills necessary for our collective digital transformation. For these reasons and more, she is committed to the reskilling and upskilling of all Canadians.

Sat Parhar

Sat Parhar, President

Sat has nearly 30 years of leadership, management, public safety, community engagement and collaborative experience.
Tanja Ross

Chad Beierbach, Account Executive

Chad is a leader in client relationship-building and customer service. He is able to identify and meet your needs with elegant solutions.

Tanja Ross

Daniel Harmon, Account Executive

Daniel is a relationship builder and Certified Sales professional. Having spent many years in B2B and B2C roles Daniel is now focusing on small and medium size businesses.

Tanja Ross

Gord Eiriksson, Account Executive

With over 35 years of experience in public safety and service, Gord is a specialist in fostering and maintaining long-term relationships. Exceeding customers’ expectations is Gord’s hallmark of client satisfaction. He is excited to begin working in the cyber defence realm, and maintains his belief in providing outstanding products and customer service.
Tanja Ross

Geoffrey Jackson, Communications Manager

Geoff is the communications manager and multidiscipline writer for ReTrain Canada. He writes and designs ReTrain’s support materials, including marketing and catalogues. He is also a peerless master of catching the words off the end of one’s tongue.

Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans, Manager Instructional Services

Sherry designs ReTrain Canada’s training programs and directly leads our mentors in implementing and teaching course material. With 20 years of experience, Sherry specializes in designing and facilitating courses that combine essential (soft) skills with technology, and engaging students in-class, and online.
Sherry Evans

Emily Allan, Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Manager

Emily is the creative force behind ReTrain Canada’s community engagement, through her work managing ReTrain’s social media and web pages. She is instrumental in connecting ReTrain’s partners and the public to our services, and in innovating our online presence.

Tanja Ross, Client Support Specialist

Tanja is our Client Support Specialist. She provides direct support getting our clients and students ready and equipped to learn.
patrick crawford

Patrick Crawford, IT Support

Patrick is our help desk support. He ensures that instructors and learners have any technology issues resolved quickly, ensuring a smooth learning experience.  We can count on Patrick to make it right, every time.
Lucette Bucknor

Lucette Bucknor, Controller

Our Instructors

Tanja Ross

Hank Fordham, Mentor

Hank is a celebrity hacker, who has been featured on Dr.Phil, Washington Post, Vice, and NPR to name a few. He is passionate about cybersecurity and teaching. He teaches our Cyber Foundations and OSCP courses.
Sherry Evans

Jarvis Gibb, Mentor

Jarvis is a game, app and web designer, developer, and project manager, with a background in AR/VR development Jarvis is also the developer and facilitator for ReTrain’s 3D Design and Development Course.


Darren Reaume, Mentor

Darren Reaume teaches our Cybersecurity courses. He has a passion for cybersecurity and with his experience he is a great instructor for this growing field.

Denis Beaulieu mentor

Denis Beaulieu, Mentor

Denis has a Masters in Communication and he teaches our Level 1 and 2  Computer Essentials courses.