The ReTrain Canada Team

Jeannine Adams Retrain Canada

Jeannine Adams, CEO

Jeannine understands the learning and employment challenges people face across Canada. Her vision is that all Canadians have access to the skills necessary for our collective digital transformation. For these reasons and more, she is committed to the reskilling and upskilling of all Canadians.

Sat Parhar

Sat Parhar, President

Sat has nearly 30 years of leadership, management, public safety, community engagement and collaborative experience.

Tanja Ross

Fred Bent, Senior Vice President

Fred Bent, Vice President of Retrain Canada and S01ve Cyber Solutions combines his past experience as a detective with his current role in the cyber solutions sector. After transitioning from law enforcement, Fred applies his investigative skills to fortify Retrain Canada’s cybersecurity strategies, while also empowering others through education. 

Tanja Ross

Chad Beierbach, Vice President of Sales

Chad is a leader in client relationship-building and customer service. He is able to identify and meet your needs with elegant solutions.

Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans, Manager Instructional Services

Sherry designs ReTrain Canada’s training programs and directly leads our mentors in implementing and teaching course material. With 20 years of experience, Sherry specializes in designing and facilitating courses that combine essential (soft) skills with technology, and engaging students in-class, and online.


Tanja Ross, Senior Client Support Specialist

Tanja is our Senior Client Support Specialist. She provides direct support getting our clients and students ready and equipped to learn.

Sherry Evans

Mckenzie Adams, Client Support Specialist

Mckenzie provides support to our clients and students to ensure our operations run smooth, and students are ready to learn.

Our Instructors


Darren Reaume, Senior Mentor

Darren Reaume is a highly experienced Administrator, Senior Mentor, Course Developer, and Manager of Cyber Security Operations with 20 years of experience. He has developed the Applied Penetration Testing courses, advises on cybersecurity matters, and mentors other instructors.

At ReTrain, Darren teaches several cybersecurity courses, including Cybersecurity Basics for Non-IT Professionals, Cybersecurity Foundations, and both levels of Applied Penetration Testing. Darren is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and brings his sense of humour to each class.

Darren has numerous certifications and education in AutoCad, Geomatics, programming languages like Java, C, Visual C#, Python, Linux, and Penetration Testing. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, staying fit, playing golf, and playing drums in his band.


Asad Tahir, Mentor

Asad Tahir is a highly experienced and multilingual educator with a passion for teaching physics, mathematics, and computer technology. With 10 years of teaching experience and an international background, Asad has a unique perspective on education that makes him a valuable asset to the ReTrain team.

As an expert in Microsoft Office, Asad teaches all levels of the software to students of all ages and backgrounds. He holds an MSc in Physics, a B.Ed, and a BSc, which gives him a well-rounded understanding of science and technology. In his free time, Asad enjoys spending time with his family and building on his knowledge of electrical circuit analysis and logic gates in computers.

Asad’s passion for education is evident in his teaching style and the way he interacts with his students. His international experience has given him a unique perspective on teaching, which he incorporates into his lessons to make them more engaging and effective. With his expertise in Microsoft Office and his passion for education, Asad is a valuable addition to the ReTrain team and a highly sought-after educator in his field.


Saurabh Kaushal, Mentor

Saurabh Kaushal is an experienced instructor with a strong background in IT and customer service. He has 8 years of experience working in various industries such as IT, tax preparation, education, and web development, making him well-versed in the world of technology. Originally from India, Saurabh is an expert in his field and is highly sought after for his knowledge and expertise.

At ReTrain, Saurabh is responsible for teaching a range of courses, including Introduction to Software Engineering, Microsoft Office, Cybersecurity Basics for Non-IT Professionals, and Cybersecurity Foundations. One of Saurabh’s career highlights includes refining the introduction to software engineering education, ensuring that students are provided with a comprehensive and relevant learning experience.

Saurabh holds a Bsc in Computer Science and a BA in Economics  and is highly dedicated to his craft. When he’s not teaching, he enjoys spending his free time playing video games, playing soccer, and mastering his programming skills. Saurabh’s passion for technology and his commitment to providing students with a comprehensive education make him an invaluable asset to the ReTrain team.

Coralie Lush, Senior Mentor

Coralie Lush is a highly accomplished professional with two decades of experience in the education and oil & gas industries. Over the course of her career, she has held various roles that have allowed her to gain expertise in different areas, including Land Administration, Energy Asset Management, Corporate Communication, and Entrepreneurship. Throughout her tenure at SAIT Polytechnic, she served as the Instructional Lead for Energy Asset Management and was recognized for her exceptional contributions with the Instructor Excellence Award.

Coralie is a skilled educator who has designed and taught a diverse range of courses, from Microsoft Office and Leadership and Management to Instructional seminars and Customer Service: Multi-Channel Support. Her expertise in Curriculum Design has allowed her to take on the role of Lead Instructor and Course Designer for CORCAN custom Project, a project she is particularly proud of. In her current role at ReTrain, Coralie brings her extensive knowledge and experience to help individuals develop new skills and advance their careers.

Coralie holds several credentials that demonstrate her dedication to professional development and expertise in her field. She holds an Environmental Management Diploma, an Adult Teaching Certificate, and a Petroleum Land Administration Certificate. She has also earned a BSc in Environmental Science and a Master of Arts in Professional Communication, which has further refined her ability to communicate complex information effectively. In her spare time, Coralie enjoys staying active through golfing and fitness activities, as well as traveling and spending time with her family. With her impressive credentials and passion for teaching, Coralie is a valuable asset to the ReTrain team.


Ryan Evans, Senior Mentor

Ryan Evans is a highly experienced software trainer who has worked with prestigious institutions such as SAIT, MountRoyal University, and ReTrain. He has been instrumental in teaching Microsoft, Custom Training, and Adobe products to students. Ryan’s vast experience of 23 years in the multi-media industry has allowed him to develop his skills as a curriculum designer and instructor.

Ryan’s impressive portfolio of work includes animations for National Geographic Live and other corporate events, along with multiple advanced corporate Excel projects. At MountRoyal University, he holds a record for teaching the most number of students at one time. His commitment to excellence and passion for teaching has made him a sought-after trainer in the industry.

Ryan teaches several courses at ReTrain, including all levels of Microsoft Office, Custom Training, Project Management, and Corporate Training. His certifications in Microsoft and Adult Education are proof of his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys exploring new technologies and hanging out with family and friends.

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Kevin Crawford, Mentor

Kevin Crawford is an experienced software instructor with over 15 years of experience in the corporate and education sectors. He has expertise in PC repair and is a trainer for voice recognition software, having developed training programs and supporting documentation for ReTrain. Kevin has also trained other mentors in voice recognition technology (VRT).

At ReTrain, Kevin teaches courses such as Microsoft Office at all levels, Windows VRT training, and Dragon Speaking VRT training. He has a TV broadcasting diploma, a PC repair certificate, and a web design certificate. In his free time, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family and developing his programming skills.

With his broad experience and expertise, Kevin is a valuable asset to the ReTrain team. His passion for training and his ability to develop effective training programs have made him a sought-after instructor. He is dedicated to helping his students gain the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced world of technology.

Audrey Whitlock, Mentor

Audrey Whitlock is a highly skilled instructor with 22 years of experience in the energy sector and education. She is a Senior Mentor, Programming Lead in Emerging Technologies, Social Media Coordinator, and Crypto Educator. Audrey has a particular passion for emerging technologies and has been involved in several podcasts discussing cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency education.

At ReTrain, Audrey teaches a range of courses, including Cybersecurity Basics for Non-IT Professionals, Emerging Technologies in Digital Currency, and Digital Marketing. Her expertise in these fields is unmatched, and she is committed to empowering her students with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Audrey has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, along with several certificates, including Petroleum Geophysics Applications, Petroleum Geology Application, Social Media for Business, Personal Banking Representative, and Cybersecurity Bootcamp for Women. Her commitment to lifelong learning is evident in the breadth of her qualifications.

In her free time, Audrey enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, gardening, and researching new technologies. She is a dedicated professional who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others achieve their goals.


Bright Nwankwo, Mentor

Bright Nwankwo has over Nine years of experience working in various industries, including geophysical survey, real estate, construction, and cybersecurity. He started his career as a Geologist, Project & Site Supervisor and later transitioned into cybersecurity as an Analyst, Penetration Tester, and educator. In his current role, he focuses on protecting data and networks, educating individuals and organizations about the importance of cybersecurity in protecting their sensitive data.

Bright is an Open-Source-Intelligent-Investigation analyst who investigates, researches, discovers, and analyzes online Information to provide evidence and exhibits. In addition, he is a technical support specialist who helps improve daily Operations. He develops Monthly Phishing awareness exercises and training to Educate employees in identifying phishing attacks and Cyber security best Practices.

Recently, Bright presented an online workshop for Immigrant Services Calgary on cybersecurity in the job search. He is also a regular guest speaker in cybersecurity classes and delivers corporate cybersecurity presentations for ReTrain. With his extensive education and certifications in Geological Sciences, Cybersecurity, and Penetration Testing, Bright is well-equipped to educate and advise others on the latest cybersecurity threats and trends. Bright loves spending time with his family and friends and enjoying a good laugh when not working and traveling to new destinations. He believes spending time with loved ones is essential for maintaining a positive outlook.

Sean Kelly, Mentor

Sean Kelly has 15 years of diverse work experience in industries such as Supply Chain, Inventory, Education, and Cybersecurity. Currently, he works as an IT Support Specialist, MSP Support Technician, Penetration Tester, Customer Support Representative, and Cybersecurity Instructor. He is responsible for providing IT support to clients, conducting penetration testing to identify security vulnerabilities, and delivering training on cybersecurity and customer service. Sean teaches courses on cyber foundations and applied penetration testing for ReTrain Canada, helping students build practical skills in these areas.

In addition to his professional work, Sean is an avid soccer player and enjoys spending time with his son. He is also passionate about spending quality time with his family and friends, and he is always looking for new ways to have fun and make lasting memories. Sean’s dedication to work and life balance has helped him stay energized and productive in his various roles, allowing him to make meaningful contributions to his team and the community.

Sean’s commitment to continuous learning is evident through his education and certifications. He holds certificates in Cyber Foundations, Applied Penetration Testing, Customer Service, and Proprietary Software Training, which has helped him develop a strong foundation in IT, cybersecurity, and customer service. With his broad skillset and passion for helping others, Sean is a valuable asset to any organization, and his dedication to lifelong learning ensures that he is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Sherry Evans

Les Brown, Senior Mentor

Les Brown is an experienced instructor with over 20 years of experience in the fields of energy, telecom, property management, and education. He has worked as a financial analyst and senior accountant, and has a strong background in business analytics.

At ReTrain, Les teaches a range of courses, including Bookkeeping Administrator, Bookkeeping Theory, QuickBooks Online and is part of the Fintech program. He is passionate about helping students develop their skills and knowledge in these areas.

Les holds several qualifications, including a Certificate in Leadership, a BA major in Geography, a Property Management Certificate, and a Business Management and Accounting Diploma. He also has certifications in Payroll Management, TESOL, and an MBA in Business Administration and Management. In his spare time, Les enjoys spending time with his family and travelling.


Terry Mckenna, Senior Mentor

Terry McKenna is an accomplished instructor with 18 years of experience in the fields of oil and gas production accounting and non-profit finance. She has worked as a Director of Finance, Interim Executive Director, Bookkeeper, and Educator. Terry has a track record of success and has served as the CFO of a non-profit organization where she worked with the team to improve the financial position of the organization and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

At ReTrain, Terry teaches a variety of courses, including Bookkeeping Administrator, Bookkeeping Theory, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Office Products, and is the instructional lead for the AccouTECH program in Red Deer. She is passionate about teaching and empowering students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers.

Terry holds a CAPPA Oil and Gas Production Accounting qualification and is well-equipped to teach the fundamentals of accounting in this industry. She enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, and gardening in her free time, which she finds rejuvenating and inspiring. Terry’s greatest passion is spending time with her family, expecially her young grandson.

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Tanya Wells, Senior Mentor

Tanya Wells is an experienced instructor with over 20 years of experience as an environmental educator, public programmer, and special events coordinator. Tanya has a strong background in environmental education and historical interpretation and has designed and implemented many successful training programs.

At ReTrain, Tanya teaches a range of courses, including Microsoft Office, Environmental Reclamation, Customer Service, and Leadership. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys sharing her expertise with others.

Tanya holds several qualifications, including an Earth Sciences Diploma, a Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Management Certificate, a Herbology Diploma, an Animal Sciences Certificate, a Wetland Ecology and Biology Certificate, a Leadership Certificate, and Interpretation Courses. In her free time, Tanya enjoys spending time in nature and helping to educate others on the importance of conservation. She also loves spending time with her family.


James Karg, Mentor

James Karg is an accomplished game designer, project manager, mentor, and events producer with 17 years of experience in the game design and development industry. He has designed games for various platforms and was a game designer for popular companies including Popcap Games and Zynga. James is also a member of the Calgary Game Developers and has been part of the organization team for the VRARA (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Association) Global Summit, bringing together professionals in the virtual reality and augmented reality industries.

At Retrain Canada, James shares his expertise in Microsoft Office software with students. He believes in the power of technology and its ability to enhance work and productivity. His courses focus on providing students with a strong foundation in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

James holds a diploma in game design from Vancouver Film School and is passionate about both playing and designing video games. He enjoys meeting with other video game enthusiasts and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the gaming industry.

Corina Cormos, Mentor

Corina Cormos is an experienced instructor with over 10 years of experience in health, wellness, and education. She has worked as a massage therapist and has been an instructor with CDI and ReTrain. Corina has developed several courses for ReTrain, including Training and Management and Basic Physiology & Anatomy. She also teaches Microsoft Office Levels 1 & 2 and Customer Service: Multi-Channel Support.

Corina graduated in Ontario and holds an Advanced Diploma in Registered Massage Therapy and is a registered massage therapist in Alberta. Her education and certifications have helped her develop a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology, which she shares with her students. Corina’s passion for education and her ability to develop courses that meet the needs of learners make her an invaluable member of the ReTrain team.

When she’s not working, Corina enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends, especially when there are tacos involved. Her hobbies reflect her adventurous spirit and her love for spending time with loved ones. Corina’s dedication to her work and her ability to connect with her students make her a highly sought-after instructor.

Laurie Paul-Fishleigh, Senior Mentor

Laurie Paul-Fishleigh is a seasoned instructor and instructional designer with over 25 years of experience in a variety of industries. Throughout her career, she has authored hundreds of technical manuals and facilitated thousands of training sessions. She specializes in teaching all levels of Microsoft Office and is an expert in corporate training for other organizations. At ReTrain Canada, she not only teaches Microsoft Office but also mentors other instructors to help them improve their teaching skills.

Laurie holds a Business Management Diploma and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) for Windows NT 4.0. She is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the education industry to provide her students with the best learning experience possible. She is known for her ability to create engaging and interactive training sessions that leave a lasting impact on her students.

When she’s not teaching or designing courses, Laurie loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is also a member of a barbershop quartet, which she finds a great way to unwind and express her creativity. With her extensive knowledge and experience, as well as her passion for teaching, Laurie is a valuable member of the ReTrain Canada team

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Trent Phalen, Senior Mentor

Trent Phalen is a seasoned professional in the automotive industry with over 25 years of experience. He has worked in various positions such as sales, service advisor, and management roles, gaining a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Trent is now a mentor at ReTrain, where he teaches courses on customer service, customer relationship management, and enterprise sales.

Throughout his career, Trent has achieved many career highlights, including designing and improving courses and creating a custom program for CORCAN for the Tire & Lube Program. He has received numerous accolades and won multiple awards, making him a well-respected member of the community. Trent’s passion for the automotive industry is evident in his work, and his dedication to helping others succeed is commendable.

Trent holds a Marketing and Management Diploma, and he has completed the Dale Carnegie Course. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, spending time with his children, and taking long drives. Trent’s passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others has made him an asset to ReTrain, and he is committed to helping individuals achieve their professional goals.



Kari MacDonald, Mentor

Kari MacDonald is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience across various industries such as banking, bookkeeping, real estate, and networking. She has been a mentor and administrator in her career and has worked as an Operations and General Manager for a North American Company. Kari’s portfolio includes the updating of financial service support courses for Fintech Program, bringing her knowledge of financial management to the students.

Kari is a valuable asset to ReTrain, where she teaches courses such as Microsoft Office, Financial Services Representative, Bookkeeping Administrator, Bookkeeping Principles, and QuickBooks Online. She holds multiple certifications and education, such as Professional Bookkeeping, Accounting Technology, and Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP), and is a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association. Kari’s passion for education and her extensive experience in financial management make her a sought-after instructor.

Outside of work, Kari loves spending time with her children and dogs, working on renovations and gardening. She enjoys all things handy and takes great pleasure in tackling new projects. Kari’s eagerness to learn and her commitment to excellence is evident in both her personal and professional pursuits, making her a well-rounded and impressive individual.

Mike Jansen, Senior Mentor

Mike Jansen is a seasoned business professional with over 35 years of experience. He is a veteran and has worked in various industries, including radio, property development, and education, and has held positions such as Business Development Manager, Project Manager, and On Air Personality. As a mentor, Mike has refined courses for ReTrain Canada, including Workplace Fundamentals and Customer Service: Multi-Channel Support. With a Masters of Education and a BA in English, Mike is an accomplished educator and enjoys teaching courses on CRM software, enterprise sales, job searching, and basic Microsoft Office skills.

In addition to his professional achievements, Mike has a passion for golfing and watching and discussing sports. When he’s not working or teaching, you can find him hitting the links or engaging in lively debates about the latest sports news. Despite his busy schedule, Mike always makes time for his hobbies and loves to stay active and engaged in his community.

Mike Jansen is a well-rounded professional with a wealth of experience in business and education. His dedication to mentoring and teaching has helped countless individuals develop new skills and advance their careers. With his expertise in workplace fundamentals, customer service, and other essential skills, Mike is a valuable asset to the ReTrain Canada team.

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Keli Shahab, Mentor

Kelli Shahab is a multifaceted professional with over 25 years of experience in various industries such as advertising, corporate sales, education, and music. She has worked as an editor, music teacher, salesperson, professional musician, and senior mentor. Kelli has both developed courses and she currently teaches all levels of Microsoft Officeand Transition to Wellness & Resilience.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Kelli is also a passionate FPS video gamer and content creator. She spends much of her free time creating content for her channel, where she showcases her love for gaming and technology. Her ability to blend her personal interests with her professional pursuits makes her a unique and valuable instructor for ReTrain.

As an experienced instructor, Kelli has a passion for teaching and helping others learn. She believes that everyone has the potential to learn and grow, and she strives to provide her students with the tools and resources they need to succeed. With her years of experience and diverse background, Kelli brings a unique perspective to the classroom and is an asset to the ReTrain team.


Jarvis Gibb, Mentor

Jarvis Gibb is a seasoned professional with 10 years of experience in various roles, including game design, chief technology officer, VR designer/developer, and mentor. He has created VR environments for industries such as healthcare, solar energy, and workplace training. One of his notable career highlights is serving as the CTO at Kaleidoscope XR, where he was responsible for creating virtual reality training for healthcare. Additionally, he has designed and developed the curriculum for a 3D software development course.

At ReTrain Canada, Jarvis Gibb shares his expertise and passion for technology by teaching 3D software development and design courses, as well as Microsoft Office software at all levels. His teaching style combines technical knowledge with practical application, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields. He is also an experienced mentor, providing guidance and support to those looking to enter the world of technology.

Jarvis Gibb holds a diploma in game design from the Vancouver Film School, as well as a boot camp certificate in web development. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, cooking, and exploring new technologies. With his wealth of knowledge and experience in game design, VR development, and technology, he is a valuable asset to the ReTrain team.