The ReTrain Canada Team

Jeannine Adams Retrain Canada

Jeannine Adams, CEO

Jeannine understands the learning and employment challenges people face across Canada. Her vision is that all Canadians have access to the skills necessary for our collective digital transformation. For these reasons and more, she is committed to the reskilling and upskilling of all Canadians.

Sat Parhar

Sat Parhar, President

Sat has nearly 30 years of leadership, management, public safety, community engagement and collaborative experience.
Tanja Ross

Chad Beierbach, Vice President Sales

Chad is a leader in client relationship-building and customer service. He is able to identify and meet your needs with elegant solutions.

Tanja Ross

Gord Eiriksson, Account Executive

With over 35 years of experience in public safety and service, Gord is a specialist in fostering and maintaining long-term relationships. Exceeding customers’ expectations is Gord’s hallmark of client satisfaction. He is excited to begin working in the cyber defence realm, and maintains his belief in providing outstanding products and customer service.
Tanja Ross

Geoffrey Jackson, Communications Manager

Geoff is the communications manager and multidiscipline writer for ReTrain Canada. He writes and designs ReTrain’s support materials, including marketing and catalogues. He is also a peerless master of catching the words off the end of one’s tongue.

Sherry Evans

Sherry Evans, Manager Instructional Services

Sherry designs ReTrain Canada’s training programs and directly leads our mentors in implementing and teaching course material. With 20 years of experience, Sherry specializes in designing and facilitating courses that combine essential (soft) skills with technology, and engaging students in-class, and online.

Tanja Ross, Senior Client Support Specialist

Tanja is our Senior Client Support Specialist. She provides direct support getting our clients and students ready and equipped to learn.

Sherry Evans

Mckenzie Adams, Client Support Specialist

Mckenzie provides support to our clients and students to ensure our operations run smooth, and students are ready to learn. 

Richard Hinse, Director of Community Relations

Richard comes to us with an extensive background in Public Safety having had success at all levels within the Calgary Police Service before moving into the role of the Commander of Calgary 911 and then becoming a Director for the City of Calgary. He has a proven track record of customer service and creating lasting relationships that led directly to improving processes and positive outcomes.

Our Instructors

Sherry Evans

Jarvis Gibb, Mentor

Jarvis Gibb has been designing and developing immersive training and marketing software since 2014, with a background in Game Design, Development and Behavioral Psychology. He’s led high value projects with dozens of organizations both large and small, and has helped produce amazing learning outcomes for users, while raising millions in additional funding. Locally Jarvis has been recognized as a champion within Rainforest Alberta and is working extensively with the Alberta branch of the VR/AR Association.


Darren Reaume, Mentor

Darren comes to us with a background in information technology and management. Beginning with AutoCad & Geometrics, Darren transitioned into coding languages including Java, C, Visual C#, Python, and operation of Linux systems. Eventually this led him to the field of cybersecurity including penetration testing and data protection. Darren has always been client facing and brings that passion and humour to every course that he teaches.

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Asad, Mentor

Asad comes to us with a Bsc., B.Ed, Msc Physics and years of international experience. He loves helping people and teaching is his passion. Asad speaks multiple languages and has years of experience of teaching. He is highly interested in advanced mathematics and physics used in Microsoft  Excel and is currently building on his knowledge of Electrical Circuit analysis of logic gates in Computers. Asad bring a passion for education and a great sense of humour to every class he teaches.

ReTrain Canada Home

Laurie Paul-Fishleigh, Senior Mentor

MCSE-certified professional with unique ability to partner with technically-oriented professionals to create meaningful documentation for end users. Learn new software applications quickly and utilize comprehensive understanding of adult learning principles and learning styles to facilitate training.  I have authored hundreds of technical manuals and facilitated thousands of training sessions.


Kelly Hill, Mentor

With over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience, Kelly believes in creating an atmosphere for learning that can propel you to be the best you can be. She has experience with many learning styles and can understand how past experiences can seem like hurdles but really provide the strength you need to untap your full potential. She has a focus on fostering a strong foundation of mental strength, wellness, and resiliency in all aspects of life, including the challenges of learning new topics.

In her spare time, she has coaches and mentors’ athletes to compete in many athletic endeavors including Iron distance races. along with providing clarity on life’s hard moments, nutrition and mental fortitude.


Kari MacDonald, Mentor

Keri is the General Manager for a Technical Noise Suppression Company. She is trained in Accounting/Professional Bookkeeping, Real Estate, and has raised 4 children, volunteered on different boards and managed school programs/fundraisers. Previously Kari worked in the banking field for 10 years. She is passionate about helping people broaden their knowledge and opportunities.


Coralie Lush, Senior Mentor

With a diverse background in oil and gas, Coralie has skills in communications along with over 20 years of post-secondary education as an instructor and senior mentor. She has been a course developer, teaching programs like Entrepreneurship, Microsoft and various specialty programs, Land administration and Land Agent programs, Energy Asset Management, Technical and business communications.

Patrick Deer, Mentor

Patrick comes to us with a diverse background and instructs in a variety of areas including customer service, lube and tire technologies, introduction to Microsoft Office and video editing. His students appreciate the friendly, thoughtful and safe learning environment he creates.

Denis Beaulieu mentor

Denis Beaulieu, Senior Mentor

 Denis has a Masters in Communication and he teaches our Level 1 and 2 Computer Essentials courses. Denis is well versed in project management, leadership and adult education.

ReTrain Canada Home

Jonathon, Senior Mentor

Jonathon has been a teach for over 20 years. His teaching career started in Korea, in kindergarten, and continued in New Zealand as a high school teacher. Once he returned to Canada, he working communications at the Southern Alberta Institute of  Technology. He taught there for 10 years. He left teaching in 2018, and entered into a career as a professional writer. There he focused on writing cybersecurity policies, manuals, and other documentation. He gained quite a bit of experience in the NIST Framework and Cryptocurrency.
Retrain Canada is a great place for Jonathon to merge all his passions, people, cybersecurity, and enthusiasm and share them in an engaging classroom environment.

Trent, Mentor

Having spent over 25 years in the Automotive Industry, Trent has honed his Customer Service and Sales skills to a point!

Having many accolades and winner of multiple awards Trent is a well-respected member of the community and has a thoughtful approach to engage all types of students

Never one to walk away from a challenge or opportunity Trent’s smile and welcoming attitude will help to put anyone at ease and facilitate a fun learning environment.