Employment Training Programs for Immigrants

Partnering to Create Employment Opportunities for Canadian Newcomers

Helping Newcomers find the Right Job Placement

ReTrain’s employment training and preparation programs help immigrants and newcomers to Canada find employment in fields of interest, honouring their pre-existing training and experience. At ReTrain, we know that it is not just about finding any employment, it’s about finding the right match for our clients – ensuring that they have opportunities to continue to grow and excel in their chosen career path.

We are proud to offer inclusive and diverse, instructor-led job training programs that offer one-on-one support with proven results – 85% of ReTrain students successfully land jobs after completing our training programs. In addition, funding for many of our courses are available through not-for-profit loans, grants and employer funding – making reskilling as a Canadian immigrant accessible and affordable.

Through the partnerships ReTrain has, our courses are available at no cost through government grants or employee funding,  also, there are not-for-profit loans available. – making reskilling as a Canadian immigrant accessible and affordable.

Helping Canadian Immigrants Succeed

Once a client chooses to attend training at ReTrain, we along with our partners will work directly with them to identify their passions and existing skill sets. It is during this stage that we consider previous education, skills and interests before providing recommendations for job training tailored to their unique needs. 

From there, our team will work with the client to confirm their chosen job training program and begin instructor-led training, either in-classroom or virtual. As part of our dedication to the success of our students, our mentors create classroom environments in which the past experiences and knowledge base of our students are respected and valued – this helps us to identify transferable skills and honour our student’s pre-existing knowledge base.

After training is complete, ReTrain’s partners can assist students with job placement and offer support with skills involved in job placement, including interview skills and workplace culture. This holistic approach to care brings our client’s training full circle and contributes to the overall success of our students!

Why ReTrain Canada?

  • 85% of ReTrain students successfully land jobs after completing our job placement training programs.
    We have expertise in working alongside Canadian immigrants to identify the skills and job training needed to succeed.

  • Our upskilling, reskilling & job placement training programs are tailored to the existing knowledge base and education of our students.
  • Expert instructors lead our job training courses, ensuring hands-on instruction with a high level of professionalism, inclusivity and knowledge transfer.

  • We have a network of immigration agencies and knowledge of government training programs. With ReTrain, you get access to our network and industry knowledge.

How to Get Started

  • Once you or your client is ready to begin the journey to reskilling or upskilling, we invite you to contact our team using the contact form found below and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to get started!

Our In-Demand Programs

Financial Technology Training

Gain skills training in the Financial Services and FinTech Sector with no prior experience in these fields required. You will learn about digital currencies and cybersecurity basics.

    Alberta Cybersecurity Training

    This program for Albertans provides skills training in cybersecurity with no prior experience in the field required. Cybersecurity is a field experiencing exponential  growth with demand for all positions.

    Technical Customer Service
    and Sales Positions

    Technology-driven upskilling to Albertans to find work in the tech sector.

    Bookkeeping Administration

    Between the regular business operations and certified accounting, there remains an overwhelming demand for bookkeepers. This course is designed to introduce students to the business processes of effective bookkeeping, including documentation, bookkeeping processes, accounting terminology, and reporting.

      Let’s Look at some Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the benefits of upskilling and reskilling courses at ReTrain for Canadian Immigrants?

      Proactive upskilling or reskilling can help clients to land job placements where they can continue to grow and excel in their chosen career path. Additionally, our mentors work alongside newcomers to help build relationships with others, leading to new opportunities and job placements.

      How do job training courses help improve job placements for Canadian Immigrants?

      Our programs and courses are designed to meet our clients where they are – honouring their current experience and education. This means that we work alongside students to identify where their pre-existing skills transfer and add value. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, which can, in turn, lead to higher productivity levels and long-term job placements.

      What pre-qualifications are needed to enroll?

      We specialize in short-term, functional training designed to reskill or upskill the Canadian workforce. Students do not need any prior knowledge or certifications. Our training programs will fully educate and prepare students to get started in a new and rewarding career.

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