Micro-BA (Micro-Business Advancement)


Mandatory Course Modules

  • Cybersecurity Demystified:
    • Enabling Non-IT Professionals in the Digital Age
  • Strategic Cybersecurity Governance:
    • Empowering Executives for Effective Risk Management and Leadership
  • Cybersecurity Liability:
    • Mitigating Risks and Liabilities for Business in today’s rapidly evolving digital threat landscape
  • Cognitive Leadership
    • Leveraging AI for Executives in Business Transformation and strategic leadership

Optional Course Modules

  • Decentralized Currency:
    • Empowering Executives with Crypto and Blockchain for Strategic Business Advancement


Mastering Digital Transformation: Empowering Executives with Micro Business Advancement(Micro-BA) in Cybersecurity, AI, Cyber Liability, Governance and optional courses like cryptocurrency.

ReTrain Canada’s Micro-BA program offers a comprehensive education for executives, senior leadership, and Board of Directors, focusing on key areas of technology contextualized within the current threat matrix. This series equips participants with essential knowledge and insights in cybersecurity, AI, cryptocurrency, Cyber liability and governance, without requiring a background in technology. Designed to enhance managerial skills and foster confidence in leading discussions, this program empowers executives to effectively manage emerging technological challenges comprehend cutting edge technologies and navigate the implications they have on business strategies.

Each course is approximately two hours of intense learning and discussion. Courses are run once a week over 5 weeks. Courses can be taken together as a certificate or separately as a Micro-Credential

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